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Luxe Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Cream

From MANI Bodycare.  This gorgeous, sanitizing hand cream has been specially developed to offer a vitamin-rich, caring and luxurious hand moisturizer, that also delivers an essential sanitizing effect. The natural formula is effective in sanitizing while keeping hands hydrated, silky and protected.   

The skin-softening moisturizer contains carefully selected natural ingredients, such as avocado oil, St. John’s wort oil and herbal extracts, and is further enriched with minerals and vitamins A, C and E.   MANI Hand Cream blends a delicate fragrance from a hypoallergenic perfume together with repairing and replenishing emollients to deliver rich hydration to wearied hands and cuticles. Safe for all skin types. 

Made in Netherlands. 

Luxe Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Cream
Luxe Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Cream

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