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5 Ways to Celebrate Women's Month

Wed, Mar 08, 2023

Women’s History Month is observed to commemorate, learn about, and celebrate the vital role of women in our collective history. It is an opportunity to recognize the trailblazing women who have led the way and inspire a new generation to do the same. It is a moment in the calendar to celebrate and rejoice in our shared humanity as women. 

But how exactly can we celebrate all that it stands for? Below are five (easy) ways to mindfully celebrate Women’s History Month this year.


1. Let a loved one know she isn't alone on her journey

In my opinion, so much of what makes women special is how we take care of eachother. Let this month be a great excuse (not that you need one) to reach out to a loved one struggling or going through a difficult chapter and remind her she isn’t alone. Perhaps she is struggling with infertility or going through menopause or struggling with her mental health – there are a million different reasons why she could be having a hard time. Whatever the reason, reach out to her and acknowledge her struggle. Take a moment to remind her that you are with her and love her. Sometimes just acknowledging someone’s pain and struggle can go a long way to helping them feel supported and less alone.


2. Support women in business

Women started 49% of all new businesses in the US in 2021, up 28% from just two years prior (according to World Economic Forum). There are more women becoming entrepreneurs than ever before (including us!). And while this is phenomenal news, men still outnumber women three to one when it comes to business ownership. The bottom line: women need our financial support. 

So this month, go out of your way to support women-owned businesses. Maybe you could try a new coffee shop in your neighborhood that’s woman-owned. Or is there a new boutique you’ve been meaning to browse? Now’s the time. And after you’ve done that, take a minute (literally) to send a note to all your friends to try it out too. This is an easy way to show your support to these entrepreneurs who are trying to make it happen. 

As far as Le Wren goes, we are committed to sourcing our gifts from only women-owned businesses. This isn’t always possible, but we are thrilled that 90% of our collection is from other women-owned companies. It’s something we feel passionately about, and hope you do too. 


3. Help a woman out

Just this morning in my barre class, our instructor mentioned we need a certain piece of equipment for the upcoming workout. I was all settled into my spot and willing myself to get off the floor to go get it when the woman next to me – whom I do not know – came over with extra gliders for me. It made my day! It took her less than a minute to show me that kindness and yet it had such a lasting impact. 

This is just what I mean by helping someone out. Now, there are so many ways to help women out. It can be as simple as offering a kind word to a fellow mom at pick-up who looks like she could use a little encouragement or even treating the stranger behind you at said coffee shop to their latte. You could offer to babysit a friend’s children while she goes and gets her nails done and/or enjoys some time to herself. In your office, perhaps you could write a note to a co-worker’s supervisor telling them what a great job she’s doing.

The sky is literally the limit on this and these seemingly small gestures really matter. 


4. Write a thank you note to the women in your life

Many of my dearest friends celebrate their birthdays in March. I am a big believer in birthday cards and hand written notes so these women always get a card from me. What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than with a (somewhat) mushy card to a dear friend about why she is wonderful and cherished? 

But we don’t always need the excuse of a birthday to send someone we love a handwritten note. Imagine how touched your loved ones would be to get a random note from you simply saying “thank you for being in my life and being you”? Whether it’s your mom, your sister, your best friend, or a teacher who inspired you years ago, write a heartfelt thank-you to a woman who has made a difference in your life.

They’ll feel wonderful getting that card and you’ll feel good sending it.


5. Donate to organizations or charities that focus on supporting women and girls

 This one is pretty self explanatory, but there are many worthy organizations out there supporting women and girls in a myriad of ways. Make a donation in honor of Women's History Month at an organization that speaks to what matters most to you about women's empowerment.

Need ideas? Check out these resources for lists of organizations to donate to: 


Do you have other ideas? Please, share them in the comments below! 

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