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Two Ways to Give

Curated Gift Boxes

Our Ready-to-Give gift boxes feature a carefully curated selection of products for every circumstance, making it effortless to show her you care. Simply choose the option that best suits your loved one’s needs and have a thoughtful gift box shipped directly to her home.

Customized Gift Boxes

Explore our marketplace of luxurious care products to create your own gift box with a distinctive personal touch. We hand wrap your gifts in our complimentary keepsake box, then ship it all in one package to your loved one’s home.

More Than a Gift

Our curated and build-your-own gift boxes bring beautiful and thoughtful gifts to the women you love.

With personal and thoughtful touches, a Le Wren gift box is sure to help her feel loved and cared for.

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Le Wren was started by two daughters,
in honor of their mothers' battles with cancer.

Our mission is to help women feel loved, cared for and seen
when they need it the most.
I want to thank you for your company. I was a widow at 32 and a 2x cancer survivor by 36. As you know, there is no guide book. Things that were meant to be helpful were hurtful because no one knew what to say or thought I would crumble at the mention of his name or that I had cancer. Grief, illness, anxiety, etc freak people out. You have provided a space of comfort and purpose for both the gift giver and the gift receiver. Thank you.

Margaret, NC

I received the beautifully appointed Le Wren gifts recently. I was touched by the gesture and I felt the care and love of a dear friend in the selection. The words to best describe unwrapping are surprise and delight. I love feeling pampered and engaged with thoughtful and unique gifts. Thank you, Le Wren.

Brenda, TX

I was searching for a gift that was both comforting and restorative as well as chic and sophisticated for a dear friend recovering from a back surgery. Le Wren was the ideal fit -- beautiful, warm and customizable options; curated to a tee. The site was easy to use and I was thrilled with the result, even more so knowing I had brought wellness and love to my friend.

Laura, NY

Le Wren is a perfect way to show you care during a difficult time. The gifts are elegant, high-quality and well vetted. When you want to do something, but don't know what to do, Le Wren is the answer! The entire process was seamless!

Tom, MA

When I heard of Le Wren offering care packages for women enduring life challenges, medical or not, I immediately thought of my best friend. What an amazing way to show someone I loved that I was thinking of them and to encourage the idea of self-care during a period of time when she is putting everyone else before her...I am so glad to have encountered Le Wren and their excellent customer care that made sending love a pitch-perfect experience.

Michael, NJ

It's hard to know the right thing to say or do when a friend is going through a difficult time. Le Wren curated a package for my friend and filled it with things I knew she would love and use. I was impressed by the selection of products and appreciated the empathy and care that went into helping her feel loved.

Frannie, GA

Le Wren helped me curate two beautiful gifts; a beloved colleague was about to undergo a double mastectomy and a close friend started on her first round of chemotherapy. For my colleague, a thoughtful box to reference her faith and provide comfort. For my friend, a box to encourage her creativity and spark joy. I am so grateful to be able to support the people I love with gifts from Le Wren. Empathy and love shine through all the boxes they create!

Sophia, NY

I am a repeat LeWren customer who has been absolutely delighted with the charming packages they have assembled for my friends. More importantly, the recipients have loved their gifts--somehow LeWren curates care packages that are so much more than the sum of their parts! None of us wants our loved ones to be sick or suffering, but Le Wren gifts empower them to thrive and spark joy. I will return to LeWren again and again--thank you!!"

Joy, CT

Still not sure what to include in your gift box?

We’re here to help! Email us and we’ll provide complimentary 1-on-1 support to answer your questions and recommend the best gifts for your loved one’s specific needs.