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In May 2019, Serena Roberts Houlihan spent hours trying to find the perfect collection of items to send a dear relative who had just been diagnosed with cancer. No one likes to get that call. For Serena, the news cut a little deeper because her relative was facing the same cancer that her mother, Ren, had died from ten years earlier.

So, Serena searched. And searched. And searched some more. She became increasingly frustrated that she couldn’t find a stylish, quality collection of gifts that were beautiful, useful and tailored to women who were facing a serious medical challenge. Because of her mother's experience, she knew a little about what to give, so ended up compiling her own care package. 

Amanda Goller knew what Serena was going through. When Amanda’s mother,  Gretchen Lee, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she struggled to know what to do to support her mother when she wasn't able to be by her side. She knew her mother had a tough road ahead and she wanted to help. 

Together, they decided to establish Le Wren, a company named in honor of their moms, to make it easier to help a loved one during a difficult chapter.  

Serena with her mother, Ren, 2002
mother daughter picture

    Amanda with Gretchen Lee, 1998