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Great Gifts for Mom, Inspired by Our Moms

Mon, Nov 07, 2022

Do you find it hard to find something extra special for your mom or grandma? Well, we understand. These are the women we rely on in life who so rarely take time for themselves. There are so many moments to honor all that they do for us, but sometimes a typical gift just comes up short. 

To help with your search, we’ve rounded up our moms’ favorites from our own gift collection. Our moms are the constant inspiration behind Le Wren with many of the below gifts serving as the first ever Le Wren gift boxes.

Check out below what makes each of these gifts so special and why our moms love/d them.

Ren Roberts, Serena’s Mom

picture of a mother and daughter in front of trees


When Mom was going through treatment for Glioblastoma, she would often get chills, aches and pains. The first gift addresses these symptoms in a beautiful soft cotton covering, infused with relaxing lavender. It can be cooled or heated easily. This is a great gift for anyone who needs a little encouragement to relax and slow down (ie, most moms). 

Mom always loved a long soak in the bathtub, but rarely allowed herself to take the time to do so. She was so busy taking care of us and working hard that a quick shower was her norm. She also suffered from very sensitive and dry skin, so this organic soothing bath soak would have been a great excuse for her to stop and slow down, while also easing her skin’s itchiness. I also remember her giving me oatmeal baths as a child, when I had chickenpox and/or my own itchy dry skin. 

When my mom did finally slow down on vacation, there were few things she loved more than reading and doing puzzles. I know she would love this book of encouraging poems about the strength of women. And she loved the beach, so this Gray Malin double sided puzzle would have been a real treat for her in her downtime. 

picture of a gray malin puzzle, empowering poetry about women and bath salts

Gretchen Lee, Amanda’s mother

mother and daughter pictured together


Gretchen, a breast cancer survivor, cannot get enough of this French luxe lip balm. She has one in every handbag, on her bedside table and in her car. Its silky smooth texture and nourishing ingredients are safe for her ultra sensitive skin. Oh la la. 

There is something just so luxurious about a linen spray… it’s not a necessity of course but it’s that extra little act of self-care and indulgence which makes this spray feel oh so special. In a calming lavender and mint scent, this linen spray is one of Gretchen’s favorite things in our shop. 

This faux fur throw is a best seller and for good reason. It is undeniably lightweight while somehow also being incredibly warm and cozy. Gretchen loves it for watching tv on cold evenings on her sofa or for curling up with her favorite book at bedtime. It’s available in two neutral color options, to easily complement your loved one’s decor. 

Lori, Serena’s step-mother-in-law

picture of a woman with fabulous hat on


Lori’s Glioblastoma diagnosis in 2019 was the catalyst that inspired Le Wren into being. I wanted to send her a useful, elevated care package that would support her during her cancer treatment but couldn’t find anything suitable.

She would be facing similar treatments to my own dear mom, albeit 10 years later, so I knew what to send her. And in that, the first Le Wren gift box was created. Below are some of the items I included that are now best sellers in our shop. 

Rarely would anyone buy themselves cashmere socks… but when given as a gift? The height of luxury and indulgence while also being a bit practical! Lori had amazing taste and loved quality products so she was thrilled to get cashmere socks in her care package. You literally cannot go wrong with this gift. 

Same concept applies to a silk pillowcase. Long touted for its many beauty benefits, the silk pillowcase is a truly indulgent gift, helping your loved one take extra good care of themselves. We love this option because rather than a pillowcase, it’s a sleeve which means it can fit over hotel pillows easily for those that travel, like Lori often did. 

And last but not least, Lori adored this Feel Good Potion. She kept one in her handbag and also bedside to help alleviate headaches or any additional stresses or strains. In addition to being  super effective at calming headaches, it’s also just a beautiful sentiment to send to your mom or grandma.

Who doesn’t want their loved ones to feel good? 

 picture of a silk pillowcase, cashmere socks and feel good aromatherapy roll-on


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beautiful gift box including cashmere socks, candle, migraine mask and meditation stone

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