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The Reason Why

Tue, Aug 04, 2020

Our mothers were our original inspiration to start Le Wren; to build a community and create an opportunity for people to give the women in their lives beautiful and practical gifts while they battled the unimaginable. Our mission is to spread support, love and care to women when they need it most.

It all started with cancer: Amanda's mother survived, Serena's mother did not. Our stories are not unusual. Families go through the heartbreak and strain of cancer day-in-and-day-out, all over the world. The fear, the loss of control, the vulnerability. We all feel it when someone we love gets cancer. It's overwhelming. How do you help? What do you do?

What we both learned during our separate experiences with cancer is that it can be a lonely journey. The initial reaction to a diagnosis is a rallying cry of support from one's community, but then, like most things, the initial energy fades. No one means to abandon the patient, but it tends to happen. Only those in her closest orbit continue the momentum of support and care. They want to, but they also have to. 

 And as the idea for Le Wren evolved, we realized there are so many moments in a woman's life when she feels vulnerable, unsure, afraid and/or  just plain exhausted. Our mission is to ensure women feel supported across all those various challenges, and in our small way make it easy for those who want to help to do so. 

While we have curated gift boxes for cancer patients in this early chapter, as originally intended, we have also created gifts for women facing loss, pandemic-induced mental strain, and those taking care of sick loved ones. We've also put together a fair number of gift boxes "just because", as everyone right now could use a little pick me up. What we've learned is that the applications, so to speak, for our gift boxes are even broader than we originally expected. One client even asked if they could send themselves a gift box (answer: of course you can!). 

These are uncertain times. During a period where being together is even more challenging than ever, we can send love and support through the post. Our vision for Le Wren is a "chic hug" in a gift box. In a world where an old-fashioned hug has become nearly impossible, what an easy way to show her you care. Whatever she is facing, don't let her face it alone. 

We are so proud to be on this journey and grateful that you are with us.

Thank you. 

mother daughter pictureSerena and her late mother, Ren, 2002

Amanda and her mother, Gretchen Lee, 1998

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