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Slowing Down During the Busiest Season of All

Thu, Nov 11, 2021

As much as I love the holiday season – the festivities, the presents, the family gatherings, the cookies – the constant pace of it can wear me down, especially after nearly two years in either lockdown or semi-quarantine life.

In the lead up to Thanksgiving, I find myself racing around again, running from here to there and back again. An endless stream of errands and appointments and activities. Always rushing, always at least five minutes late. Part of this is modern motherhood. Part of it is of my own making.

Do you remember what it felt like when the world shut down? When the lockdowns domino-ed across the globe and all of a sudden no one knew what to do with themselves? When staying at home seemed impossible; how could we manage to just be?

The moment our family was vaccinated, I started peeking my head out into the world; I celebrated the Target runs, the lunches with friends, the playdates. It felt like such an indulgence to be out in the world, doing things.

But now I find my family returning to the somewhat chaotic pace of life-before-Covid turned it all upside down and I think: what did I learn from that time when the world stood still? Priorities became clearer. Perspective shifted. Time moved more slowly, but also with more intention.

So, in an effort to bring those lessons with me/us into the holiday season, I offer you a little glimpse of how I’ll try to be slowing down during the busiest season of all this year.

Maybe some of these ideas will appeal to you, too:

  • Ground: As you know, we are fans of aromatherapy around here and boy, are its benefits real. Whether it’s a softly scented candle or diffuser, we will be harnessing its calming power to full effect this season. Not to mention, candles have such a warm glow, it makes any environment feel instantly more nurturing and grounding. One of our current favorites is this one
  • Nourish: A warm bath. With bath salts and really hot water. With soft classical music playing the background and low lights. I love to read in the bath but it’s just as meditative and relaxing to let your mind wander as you breathe deeply. My goal is to make this a weekly ritual using this amazing bath soak.
  • Create: Pre-Covid, my daughter was almost too young to really enjoy making our own Christmas cards or creating our own ornaments. This year, we want to slow it all down and savor her budding love for arts & crafts and give her the time and tools to create these homemade masterpieces, all the while showing her toddler brothers how to as well. We will be taking inspiration from this blog for ideas! 
  • Allow for space: Resist the desire to overschedule. This one is hard for me. I am super social and love to drag my family along for the ride. Since we’ve all more or less come out of hibernation, I find myself overscheduling us right and left. This year, I will intentionally create more space for us to just be, at home, in the backyard, at the nearby park –wherever that time leads us. Because sometimes its in those moments of unscheduled togetherness when the true holiday magic happens.


How are you planning to savor the season? 

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