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Cancer Care Gift Box

For the woman facing cancer, this care package is designed to soothe and comfort during a challenging time. From a bright therapy wrap that feels like a hug to an unscented body butter that will moisturize her skin, the contents of this gift box are meticulously chosen with the common side effects of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation in mind.

This Care Package includes: 

  • Unscented Therapy Wrap An unscented therapy wrap that melts away aches and pains and helps to regulate body temperature
  • Steady Ground Anti-Nausea Roll on Peppermint, ginger, lemon and other aromas ease nausea, a common side effect of chemotherapy
  • Unscented Body Butter An unscented all-natural body butter that moisturizes sensitive and/or dry skin gently
  • Cup of Love Tea A mild, nurturing sweet rose tea lovingly crafted to reduce stress and soothe the soul
Cancer Care Gift Box - Le Wren
Cancer Care Gift Box - Le Wren
Cancer Care Gift Box - Le Wren
Cancer Care Gift Box

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