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Cancer Care

Help your loved one feel cherished and supported as she faces her diagnosis and treatment plan. Common side effects from most cancer treatments include dry skin, hair loss, nausea, mouth sores, fatigue and insomnia, not to mention extreme anxiety. Gift her some all-natural remedies to these symptoms while also including some items to inspire and comfort her along the journey.


Give her the gift of comfort, support and inspired activities while she recovers from surgery at home. These goodies are must-haves, especially for someone spending much of her time in bed.


Give the new mama in your life a few little luxuries to help her through the haze of the fourth trimester. Let's celebrate and support the woman who brought that newborn babe into the world as her body, mind and soul adjust to her new role.


Sometimes it's not only the patient who needs a little love. It's emotionally and physically draining to care for an ill loved one day in and day out. Let the caregiver know she's on your mind and in your heart. Send her easy every-day luxuries to remind her to take care of herself too, without taking up too much of her precious time.

Anxiety & Depression

Mental illness is often as debilitating as physical illness. Send your loved one something to soothe and relax, while reminding them that they are in your thoughts. Beautifully rendered journals or stunning puzzles aimed to quiet the mind complete your thoughtful gift box.


While you can't take away her pain, let her know she's in your thoughts with a gift box intended to soothe and restore. The grieving process can be extremely lonely; make sure she knows you are there for her in her darkest hour.


Give her the gift of self-care. Our wellness inspired gifts will encourage her to prioritize her health and mental well-being.

Still not sure what to include in your gift box?

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