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Bedfellow - Bedside Valet

    From Tech Candy. An absolute must-have for bedside recovery or nursing sessions. Finished with a laser-cut pattern, this felt valet tucks neatly into any mattress or bed frame and hangs perfectly, while also being attractive and discreet.
    Two interior pockets keep smaller items contained, ending nighttime searching desperation. Great for one's journal, reading material and tech, all within an easy arm's reach. Handy cord escape hatch makes it easy and convenient to charge devices. 
    Installation is a snap. Slide the flat panel of the valet between your mattress & box spring, or down into the side of your bed frame or bed rails. Works with all beds. Also great for couches when you need to wrangle way-too-many remotes.
    Available in Natural or Grey Heather. Materials: Polyester + Cotton. Hand wash. 
    A display photo of a grey pocket to attach bed
    Display photo of a light colored pocket to attach to bedside to hold electronics and books.

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