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Hukka Eye Orbits

Therapeutic Finnish stone disks bring instant relief to tired eyes and are a truly fuss-free, rock-solid at-home eye treatment. Whether you've been staring at a screen all day or rolling through fields of allergy-inducing flowers or stayed out too late and your puffy eyes are in need of a reprieve, reach for these goofy-looking rocks.

These stones come from a Carelian soapstone bedrock that formed over 2 billion years ago in Finland. Hand-carved from 100% Carelian soapstone, these eye stones are super dense which makes them great for hot or cold therapies. Pop these in the fridge for itchy allergy relief &/or to de-puff your precious peepers. Or slightly warm to comfort dry eye syndrome from too much screen time.

Various hot & cold stone therapies have been used for thousands of years. Hukka Harmony therapy stones are crafted from Finnish soapstone, a unique natural stone with modern benefits. Packaged in carrying case with instructions on how to use. 

Hukka Eye Orbits

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