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5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Caregivers

Tue, Dec 06, 2022

We all know (at least) one: a woman who is so devoted to those she is taking care of, that she forgets or doesn’t make time to take care of herself. It can be easy to lose sight of oneself in the act of caretaking.

One of the best gifts you can give your favorite caregiver is to remind her that she is loved and invite her to take a few moments for herself. Help her feel seen and appreciated when she needs it the most.

Below are some ideas to support the special caregiver(s) in your life: 

TLC Gift Box 

We could all use a little extra TLC from time to time and caregivers are no exception. This little box of treats is an invitation to rest and relax, all the while communicating your love and support for the recipient. It will make her day to open the box and see these goodies inside. 

TLC Gift Box for women featuring cup of love tea, organic bath salts, feel good aromatherapy roll-on and artisan chocolate

Mindfulness Meditation Hourglass

This is one of our newer gifts and an HQ favorite. The hourglass sand is timed at five minutes and gives anyone the perfect mini break to step away. A caretaker could use it to take a precious five minutes out of her day to do something just for her. We often use it to time a stretching break from work at our computers. 

It’s a manageable – but also meaningful – amount of time in her busy life. It also happens to be a beautiful object and one she will look upon fondly every time she uses it. 

Lavender Neck Wrap

Another customer favorite, this hand-stitched lavender-infused neck wrap simply invites relaxation. It can be cooled in the fridge or heated in the microwave to help alleviate strained muscles and stress. The subtle aromatherapy further helps relax and restore. Because of its shape, it can drape over whatever part of the body needs a little extra care-taking.


Wellness and Rituals Journal 

We love this guided journal for its simplicity and beauty. There is something powerful about focusing inward – especially if you spend the majority of your day looking after others. With its easy to follow directions, reflecting inward won’t take too much time out of your favorite caretaker’s day, but will deliver a lasting restorative impact. 

Organic Bath Soak 

There are few things more, well, soothing than a hot bath at the end of a long day. Inspire your loved one to take time for herself with a soothing soak in a hot bath with this organic bath soak featuring marine nutrients from wild harvested kelp and Pacific sea salts. 

picture of waterbody bath salts


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