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How to Create the Perfect Gift

Tue, Nov 29, 2022

Gift giving is one of our favorite activities, but we know it can be stressful for some. To help alleviate any holiday gifting stress, we’ve outlined our approach to gift-giving success. We hope it makes the process less stressful – and more fun – for you. There are few things more satisfying than giving a loved one a gift they truly love!

To get the ideas flowing, first think about what your loved one either loves in life or finds stressful. The best gifts will help them do more of that they love (joy!) or make something in their life easier/less stressful (comfort!). This is where the thoughtfulness of great gifting comes into play. 

Here are some ideas: Do they love to read classics? Do they love to travel? Do they love to go to spas? Ok, lean into those ideas. 

Or, do you know that they find certain parts of their lives stressful? Maybe they have tech neck from spending too much time at a desk (and you’ve heard them complain about it…a lot). Or maybe they find cooking stressful. Whatever the issue, lean into it. What can you do to help them? 

At Le Wren, we think of creating the perfect gift in three steps: nourish, soothe and comfort. The same idea applies whether you are leaning into something they love to do or if you’re trying to make some element of their life better. Nourish what they love or soothe and comfort where they’re struggling and could use some extra support. 

Here is an example. We created this gift box for a customer’s loved one who had had a very stressful year and needed a gentle reminder to take some time for herself.


We started the gift box with our favorite Rose Petal Body Oil. It’s incredibly moisturizing and gentle, nourishing the skin. However, it’s also gorgeous and as such, is a beautiful companion to any bedside table. It brings a little bit of beauty into her bedroom, nourishing more than just her skin. 


picture of a hand holding rose petal infused body oil




We included our favorite Exhale candle to remind her to breathe, and soothe her nervous system. There is also something magical about the soothing glow of a candle burning; it can’t help but relax body and spirit. 

picture of hand holding a candle



Given how difficult a year this gift recipient has had, we wanted to make sure to include our best selling Lavender Neck Wrap. It’s easily heated or cooled to provide gentle but effective muscle relaxation. It can easily drape over one’s shoulders, but can also be used on any part of the body that’s feeling aches, pains or overall stress. We also wanted to include a little treat for her, so we added in this chocolate bar. 

hand holding a lavender neck wrap inside its box


The finished product speaks to what’s happening in her life, in a loving and supportive way. And that is what great gifting is all about. To create your own gift, shop our full collection of gifts here.

gift box for woman with lavender neck wrap, exhale candle, chocolate bar and rose petal body oil

For more support putting together gifts for your loved ones, we’re here to help.

Feel free to email us at to get started.



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