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5 Gifts We Love for Treating Yourself

Mon, Feb 06, 2023

February is the proclaimed month of love and in that spirit, we want to show ourselves some love. Below are my top 5 favorite gifts in the shop right now to treat myself, because the fact is I deserve it, whether it’s “the month of love” or not. And so do you!

Arnica Balm 

I have more creaky joints and muscles than I used to and instead of using Tiger Balm, I’m upgrading to this arnica balm from Texas-based brand Milk + Honey. It smells incredible and it really works. I rub it on my sore muscles after a tough HIIT or Barre class and feel the tension melt away. 

arnica balm


Shower Steamers

These have been best sellers since the day Le Wren opened its (digital) doors. Our customers love these little gems and so do I! What makes them a brilliant self-gift is that they can transform your shower routine from mundane ho-hum to luxury spa-level. But, if you find the time for a nice long hot soak, they can also be used as  bath bombs. 


shower steamers for care package


Beauty Oil

Not only is the message behind LipLove’s Beauty Oil relevant for a self-love gift, but this oil really works wonders. I use it every day all over, hence the bottle shown is now empty! So I will be gift-ing myself another (and maybe another) as nothing else I’ve tried works as well on my itchy eczema hands as this little wonder oil. 

vegan body oil



Ritual and Wellness Journal 

I’ve always had grand journaling aspirations. I believe in its cathartic possibilities, but have historically lacked the discipline to make it a regular part of my life. Enter this journal! With easy to follow prompts, getting the most out of a journaling practice will not require an hour of my (busy) day and I’ll finally be able to stick to a routine. Plus, it’s a beautiful piece that makes any desk or bedside table all the more lovely. 


ritual wellness journal



Sleep Balm 

This is another item I can’t get enough of. On the nights I forget to apply this balm to my pulse points I simply do not sleep as well. I feel safe using it on my whole family because, like all our body care products, it’s all natural. It’s a simple addition to my nighttime routine that makes a huge difference. 

organic sleep balm for more restful sleep


I hope the above inspires you to seek out some gifts just for you – gifts that nourish and support you, body and soul. 

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