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Inside Our New Home Recovery Gift Box

Thu, Feb 16, 2023

Is your loved one about to have surgery? You know you’d like to acknowledge what she’s going through and to help ease her recovery, but not sure what to do?  And somehow flowers just don’t seem like enough? We got you.

Follow along below as I go behind the scenes curating our new Home Recovery Gift Box. This gift box was developed to create an easy readymade gift that will support your loved one during her recovery.

With this gift box, you’ll be giving her some much needed items to make her recovery more restful and soothing. That’s what intentional gift-giving is all about: giving gifts someone will actually need and use, while making sure they’re also beautiful to elevate her space and recovery. 

Learn more about why each gift is included in this special gift box, step by step. 


 Gift 1: The Coziest No-Slip Socks

Sounds basic, but these Softie’s socks elevate a boring old sock to cozy chic levels. Ultra soft and equipped with no slip soles, these socks are truly a must for anyone recovering from surgery or a major medical event. They’ll keep her comfy in bed, but will also assure safety for brief trips around her house or to the bathroom. 


 Gift 2: The Bed Valet

No one needs to be worried about where their phone is when they’re trying to recover from surgery. This pretty little case helps keep all her must-have’s (phone, hand cream, charger, tablet, book, etc) within easy and organized reach. It simply slides onto her bed’s frame to create a neat and attractive hold-all. (Note: This item also works on a hospital bed and is a great gift for those with longer term hospital stays). 


Gift 3: 40 Blinks Sleep Mask 

picture of a woman laying in bed with marble print eye mask on


We tested so many sleep masks and this is truly the best sleep mask out there. It’s lightweight, it has molded cups for eye (and lash) comfort and it’s easily adjustable without catching or pulling on hair. We love this neutral marble print option because it’s lovely and functional, elevating something boring into something unique. 


 Final Gift: Eucalyptus and Lavender Candle

The fourth gift in our new Home Recovery Gift Box is this beautiful hand-poured candle. Gently scented with relaxing and soothing lavender and eucalyptus, this candle helps to create a spa-like environment in the comfort of her own home. Aromatherapy aside, there is also something to be said for the calming nature of a candle burning; that soft ambient light is instantly soothing. 


Interested in seeing more? For additional recovery gift ideas, click here. And, you can always add additional gifts to a ready to give gift box. Simply add all the gifts to your cart and check out. We’ll make sure they’re all included in one beautiful gift box. 

We'd love to know:

Did you receive something during a recovery that you absolutely loved and made your recovery journey easier? Please let us know what it was. We are always looking to improve and would love your feedback and suggestions. 

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