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5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for a Loved One Diagnosed with Cancer

Fri, Sep 23, 2022


Being there for a loved one with a recent cancer diagnosis can be challenging. Sometimes, words just don’t seem like enough to convey the level of comfort and support you want to provide, and even if you offer practical support, like driving them to doctor’s appointments or helping out around the house, the physical, mental and emotional changes happening with your loved one can leave you feeling helpless. 

If you want to show your loved one that you care, and also provide them with beautiful, thoughtful gifts, we have put together our top picks below that will create moments of calm, and soothe your loved one mind, body and spirit.

Comfortable and cozy to keep warm through cancer treatment

Through the many changes that happen on a cancer care journey, comfort should always be a priority when considering what your loved one needs. 

Cashmere socks create a luxurious moment out of an everyday item and will help soothe tired feet that are adjusting to more trips to the hospital for chemotherapy, radiation treatments and check ups. Cozy socks are also a customer favorite at Le Wren.

The recovery robe is another beautiful, essential item that can provide relief and comfort. It was even created by a breast cancer survivor, so you may give it knowing that you are supporting a brave woman in business, while also passing on that same spirit of support to your loved one.

picture of a gift box including cashmere socks


Nourishing skin essentials for cancer care

Skincare and the ingredients therein play an important role in our overall health, and this is especially true for those who are undergoing cancer treatment.

We love the Everywhere Oil for its nontoxic, nutrient rich formula that goes beyond the surface to replenish the skin. This multipurpose oil blend also supports a breast cancer survivor’s business, so you can feel good knowing that you are giving in more ways than one when you add this miracle-working oil to any care package you create at Le Wren.

Relaxing wellness and aromatherapy to uplift the spirit

Aromatherapy is powerful in its ability to boost the mood. According to a 2021 study, essential oils can successfully reduce anxiety and relieve pain when combined with conventional treatment. 

Our favorite mood boosters in the shop include the Feel Good Potion, Tranquility Pillow Spray and Drift Bedtime Balm, which can all help with easing the mind, encouraging rest, and creating a relaxing atmosphere in everyday moments.

With so much of your loved one’s routine now intertwined with going back and forth to appointments and being in an environment that isn’t always comfortable, creating these moments of calm allows them to feel more like themselves beyond what they are going through, which can go a long way in keeping them encouraged and uplifted throughout the journey. 

wellness and aromatherapy gifts for cancer patients


Comforting reminders of your care

When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, inspiring reminders that you are thinking of them, or that they have your love and support no matter what, go a long way during a time that might feel lonely or isolating to them.

Create a cancer care package that includes the Cup of Love Tea, Thinking of You candle or Besitos Lip Balm for soothing reminders of your love.

Mindful activities for mental health support

cancer care package including puzzle, journal and therapy dough

Going through cancer treatment can be both emotionally and mentally draining. Cancer survivors sometimes comment on both memory and concentration problems after having had chemotherapy treatment, often called chemo brain

Studies show that doing puzzles and brain exercises can help with mental clarity, as well as decrease anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress.

If you know someone undergoing cancer treatment or recently diagnosed, a thoughtful gesture like sending a care package can have a transformative effect on their journey. Shop cancer care gifts or reach out to if you need additional support building a cancer care package.

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