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How to Create a Memorable Gift Experience

Mon, Apr 10, 2023

luxury care package

At Le Wren, we believe in merging form and function, practicality and style. Our gift boxes not only offer your loved one comfort, but also give them something lovely to look at and feel.

While we love flowers as a go-to gift-giving gesture, we believe that by giving gifts that last, your love and support will be felt beyond a couple days’ time. She will have a  lasting "something" she can return to day-in-and-day-out as a remembrance of your support and thoughtfulness. 

So, how do you create a gift experience that meets this goal? We follow the steps below to create our "ready to give" gifts. 

We recommend at least three gifts in a gift box, following the below logic. Many of our clients end up sending closer to five or six, but a beautiful, thoughtful gift can easily be achieved with three gifts. 

Gift #1: Something they wouldn't think to buy for themselves

This gift helps your loved one feel indulged and spoiled, in the best possible sense. Frankly, these are feelings we embrace regardless of what’s happening in our lives, but when facing a dark chapter, they carry their own healing powers.

We often hear from patients how vulnerable and removed from themselves their illness makes them feel. Small luxuries can be grounding, reconnecting them to a life before illness or a condition ruled their existence. 

This gift should literally indulge her senses. Whether you are giving her hand-knit cashmere socks or a sumptuously scented hand-poured candle, you want this gift to be something she wouldn’t necessarily buy or take the time to find for herself.

We also love the idea of a chic “security blanket” with our eco-friendly and organic Colorblock Wrap. A subtly scented linen spray is another go-to luxe gift. There are so many options regardless of your gifting budget. 


Gift #2: Something that solves a problem for them

This gets at the “practical” element of your gift. But, just because something is practical doesn’t mean it has to be boring or unattractive, at least not at Le Wren.  Problem solving should be as much about solving a logistic issue as about enjoying its resolution. 

The most obvious examples are Tech Candy’s Bedfellow or Triple Header XL Charging Cord; these are game-changing organizational tools to make her life easier. Fortunately, they are also easy on the eyes.


bedfellow valet for care package


Doesn’t feel right? Many women complain about dry skin or nausea as side effects from pregnancy, postpartum or cancer treatment. We have beautifully packaged, organic, effective solutions.

One of our favorites is Salud Shoppe’s “Besitos” ultra-hydrating lip balm, meaning “little kisses” in Spanish. Every time she pulls the lip balm out of her handbag or off her nightstand, she’ll remember you are literally sending her love. 

picture of beautiful besitos lip balm with beach in the background
We also adore Happy 2nd Birthday's Body Butter which is incredibly gentle and formulated specifically for those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.
picture of body butter formulated for cancer patients

Gift #3:  Something that gives them a mental reprieve and the ability to focus on something else, even for a brief moment

We have heard loud and clear from our community that this type of gift was often the most meaningful or memorable. Women want beautifully crafted tools to escape from their reality, however briefly. 

Our unique collection of puzzles, art kits and journals are meant to inspire and calm. They are each hand selected for their beauty, style and meaning. The same is true of our book selection. But if those activities are not up your loved one’s alley, then even the simple gift of a soothing face sheet mask or organic lavender bath salts will fulfill this “escapist” idea.

It will literally give her something to do that indulges her senses and takes her away, however briefly, from her immediate reality. Pinch Me’s Therapy Dough is another fabulous relaxing activity, and one she can do literally anywhere. 

puzzle for care package 


Finally, the unwrapping experience has to be a gift in and of itself. 

Most likely she doesn’t know you’re sending her anything. The element of surprise is its own special gift. Further, we have thought about every element of the “unwrapping” experience, to ensure that your loved one has a far-from-ordinary experience unwrapping her gift. This is no everyday Amazon package she’s opening, after all.

Our elegant keepsake gift boxes are not only attractive but practical. She can use it for years to come to house cards, keepsakes and other treasures. Every time she looks at it, she will be reminded of your love and support.

 As she opens the gift box, she’ll be greeted by a handwritten note on our stationary, the ultimate personal touch. It’s critical that she feels YOU in her gift, and the handwritten element (even though it’s in our writing) lends your gift a much more personal feel than an automated gift message ever could. 


care package


Ultimately, it is absolutely the thought that counts. The old adage couldn’t be more true. Your loved one needs your support and knowing that you are there for her will do wonders for her spirit. While you are already being thoughtful, give her something she’ll want, and need.

Thank you for reading! We hope this helped you create your own gift box.

If you're still stuck, feel free to reach out to Serena directly for more support:

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