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10 Gifts in our Shop that Support Other Women in Business

Wed, Feb 22, 2023

We love to support other women entrepreneurs and are proud to offer these beautiful gifts in our collection. Take a look below at the Top 10 Gifts in our collection that support other women in business and learn a little about the incredible women behind them.


1. Rose Glow Oil from Liplove

picture of rose glow oil from lip love


This little wonder-oil multitasks as lip oil, under eye soother and nourishing cuticle oil. It’s fully vegan and safe for anyone to use.  Latrice Love, founder of Lip Love, mission was to create products that bring out your natural radiance and encourage you to take care of yourself no matter what the day holds. Her ethos is one of inclusivity and holding space to be yourself, whatever that means to you. She creates each product in her Dallas based studio.


latrice love liplove founder



2. Feel Good Potion from Oxalis Apothecary

feel good potion


Who doesn’t want their loved ones to feel good? And they will with this magical little vial of aromatherapy heaven, filled with lavender, peppermint and black pepper. It literally melts tension, headaches, nausea and fatigue away. Erin Wexstten, its creator, started Oxalis Apothecary in her Brooklyn apartment and has since grown the brand into a feel good range of skincare products born out of a long-time love affair with body care, a joyful obsession with the psychology of scent and a desire to create safe, effective, natural products.  She creates her apothecary magic in her New Orleans based studio. 


erin from oxalis apothecary in a mud mask


3. Recovery Robe by AnaOno

mastectomy recovery robe


Luxurious and functional, this sumptuous robe from AnaOno is the ultimate loungewear piece for comfort and style. Every feature has been carefully designed with maximum comfort in mind. The super-soft modal fabric feels utterly luxurious against your skin and stays cool throughout the day. With one size fits most, it’s an easy, luxurious gift for any special woman on your list.

Dana Donofree started AnaOno to address her own loungewear needs following her breast cancer diagnosis and mastectomy recovery in 2012. The line offers a full range of foundation and loungewear pieces to help women feel their best and most comfortable at all stages of life.


Dana Donofree from AnaOno


4. Silk Pillow Sleeve by Silked 


silk pillow sleeve

This luxurious all-natural silk pillow sleeve protects hair and skin from breakage, creases and skin irritations.  It easily slips over one’s pillow, making it a terrific travel essential.  We love it as a holiday gift because it’s not likely something she would buy for herself but will immediately boost her wellbeing. Silked was founded by Phoenix Gonzalez and Sandra McCurdy in Los Angeles. They were driven by a desire to share more environmentally responsible, innovative and travel-friendly ways to give their beauty sleep a boost and preserve their own skin and hair naturally.

Silked founders sitting on a bed


5. Cashmere Socks by KIP

 cashmere socks in a gift box


A familiar theme emerges about a great gift: it’s not something she would necessarily buy for herself. This is so true of a great cashmere sock. When we asked women what was one of the best gifts they received during chemotherapy, this is the item that came up the most.

Warm, cozy, luxurious – a cashmere sock has it all. And we searched high and low to find the best, and this is it. KIP’s founder, Natalie Marshall, was inspired to start her company to support the modern woman invest in rest and herself. Having grown up in the UK, where luxury sleepwear is more common, she wanted to bring that ethos to this side of the Atlantic. She and her team are based in Toronto.


6. Rose Petal Body Oil by Among the Flowers

rose petal body oil


We adore this body oil not only for its uber nourishing and soothing properties but also because it is simply gorgeous to behold. It embodies the concept of form and function in its purest sense. Megan Taber started Among the Flowers from her kitchen nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. She is inspired by our connection to nature and finding a level of therapy and beauty in the bounty of the earth.

megan from among the flowers


7. Lip Whip by Kari Gran

This is our #1 lip balm for good reason: super clean (and safe) ingredients, a beautifully light scent and chic packaging. It delivers a massive amount of moisture and makes one feel just a little bit more pulled together. More than that though, we love the mission behind this line of products.

Kari Gran was started ten years ago but friends Kari and Lisa Strain. When Kari was diagnosed at 29 with Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s Disease, she started to question all the ingredients that were in her skincare and searching for cleaner solutions, ultimately creating her own. Lisa had the big idea to turn Kari’s products into a business, seeing a need for women that wasn’t really being met in a way that felt authentic or truth-telling. Or, plainly put, calling BS on the beauty industry.  

kari gran and lisa strain


 8. Meditation Stones by Slow North 

meditation stone in use


These stones are thoughtful, beautiful and useful gifts – our trifecta. Offered in either Rose Quartz or Labradorite they are intended to invoke healing and positive energy, depending on the stone. They encourage your loved one to slow down and take stock. To read more about how to use meditation stones, check out our blog post here.

These beauties are from Slow North, a family-founded company based in Austin, Texas by Michelle and Jon Simmons. The company’s ethos is rooted in a dedication to whole living and daily reminders to be present and enjoy the little moments we share.

simmons family from slow north


9. Cup of Love Tea by Big Heart Tea Co. 



This nurturing naturally sweet rose tea feels like a hug from Grandma. It's a perfect addition to any care package or gift box, literally sending your love to the recipient. Big Heart Tea Co was started by Lisa Govro and Kunthearath Nhek-Morrisey in 2012 to spread the love about plants, their healing powers and the wonders of tea. We're thrilled to have them in our gift collection this holiday season. 


10. How Far You've Come by Morgan Harper Nichols

 picture of morgan harper nichols author and artist


How Far You Have Come is an exquisitely illustrated collection of poetry and essays from  bestselling artist and writer Morgan Harper Nichols. In the midst of the hurt and the mundane, the questions and the not yets, we can forget just how far we have come. It’s a beautiful gift for the end of the year to remember where we’ve been and where we can go. Morgan weaves together personal reflections with her signature poems to share her journey to reclaim moments of brokenness, division, and pain and re-envision them as experiences of reconciliation, unity, and hope.


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