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How to Use a Meditation Stone

Fri, Jun 03, 2022

Whatever your thoughts on alternative medicines, we can all agree that there is healing power in mindfulness and stillness.

Crystals have been part of healing journeys since the beginning of time, in cultures all over the world. There is a long held belief that they possess the power of the earth and “life energy” to support the body and soul.

Our favorite way to use crystals is as a meditation stone.

Holding a meditation stone in one’s hand and focusing energy and intentions towards it, stills the mind and can help bring a sense of peace.

meditation stone

Below are some tips on how to incorporate a meditation stone into your daily wellness routine.


Find the time that works for you

Many of us feel that meditating has to be a certain amount of time at a certain place -- which can feel very limiting, not to mention intimidating. We like to pick up our meditation stones whenever we are feeling anxious or the need for a little mental reprieve. Keep it at your desk, or in your handbag, or by your bedside.

Grab it when you need it, for as little or as long as you'd like. Don't feel like you have to commit to an extensive period of time to feel the benefits of this practice. We've been known to use it even when we're brushing our teeth before bed. 

Set your Intention

What is it you hope to feel while meditating? What do you want to focus on? Get clear on that before you start your practice, and while holding the stone in your hand. 

Get Comfortable

You will be easily distracted if your body is uncomfortable, regardless of how long you plan to meditate for. Make sure you're wearing something comfortable  and sitting or laying down in a comfortable spot. Do you want to put soothing music on or be in silence? Make those decisions before you start your meditation practice. 

Place the meditation stone where it feels right

Some like to hold their meditation stone in their hand, others like to place the stone on their third eye. Simply, do whatever feels good to you. 


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For other resources on using crystals or meditation stones in your practice, see the list below:

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