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Gifts for Long Hospital Stays

Fri, Apr 01, 2022

It’s hard to know what to give someone who is spending a lot of time in a hospital room. Sure, flowers are always an option, as are gifts from the lobby gift shops, but we find that giving her a gift that is useful and special will make her stay much more comfortable.

We’ve rounded up our most-loved gifts for longer hospital stays. These are tried-and-true, vetted gifts that are not only useful but also beautiful and comforting. 



We all know the light in hospitals is harsh. This little smart book operates like a piece of art while also providing a soft ambient glow. We were turned on to it by a customer who had spent weeks on end in the hospital for cancer treatment. She said it completely changed her whole experience in her hospital room. Bonus? Easy to charge.


book light for care packages



Speaking of charging, did you know most hospital beds are quite the distance from a charging outlet? In today’s world of smartphone and tablets, that’s a real conundrum for those spending a lot of time in bed.

Enter this handy 6 foot long charging cable, which is compatible for all types of Phones/Tablets/E-readers. Seriously game changing.

And, we are obsessed with this Bedfellow Valet: it easily hooks onto a hospital bed, keeping her valuables at easy arm’s reach and from sliding all over the side table. With a neatly designed cord entry, she can easily charge her phone or tablet without getting all twisted up in cords. It has more than enough room for hand cream, glasses, book – whatever else she wants to keep handy.

 bedcaddy for patient care package


Bedside Comfort

Now, let’s talk bedside comfort. A thoughtfully chosen throw blanket can make a huge difference in her comfort. Hospital sheets and robes are known for their rough feel and utilitarian look. Make her hospital experience a whole lot more comfortable and cozy with one of these beloved blankets.

 blanket for care package for hospital stay


You can also give her an organic Silk Pillow Sleeve to add a lovely touch of luxury to that hospital bed. Bonus? It helps her skin stay hydrated, a real issue given the dryness of hospital air.


Body Care

Which leads us to gentle and nourishing body oils and salves. We have some incredible options, but for long hospital stays we are partial to this Rose Petal Body Oil as it is not only beautiful to look at (and will brighten any bedside) but also incredibly hydrating and gentle.


gentle body oil for cancer patient



Lips also get dry in hospitals; enter, Lip Whip. This vegan lip balm is just the ticket for sealing in moisture. It has a slight peppermint scent which helps lift the spirit as well.


vegan lip balm for cancer patient

Distraction & Activities

Long hours spent in bed can definitely breed boredom, despite a Netflix account. Consider adding an element of distraction into your care package, with one of these beautiful and thoughtful books. 


book of poetry for care package

 There are Girls Like Lions


book of psalms for care package

 Book of Psalms

There are so many ways to improve your loved one's experience in a hospital bed, but these are our favorites. Use the above as a guide to build your own thoughtful and loving care package. 

If you have any questions or concerns while building your own care package, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help. 

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